Mirror On The Water


I know. I miss you, too. ;).

I have been off blogging for 3 months. It doesn’t make any sense. Neither do I believe myself. How could I neglect my blog for so long. I would not defend myself by saying I’m (veeery) busy. I don’t even try to. Because…who doesn’t? Let’s say it is just my own failure to manage my (own) time. Hopefully, it will be better in the next future.

This is a post to respond to Weekly Photo Challenge: Refraction

A mirroring water falling from the terracota fountain in my garden. With some gold fishes were swimming around. Shadows of green fern. Calming and relaxing.


What? A dog? What dog?


Now. I see. That is the spoiled, selfish but easy-loveable dog we have. Hugo. The pond is his drinking place and cooling himself in the heat of Denpasar weather. It was not my intention to take his picture. Believe me.

Probably I should put one more picture without any four legged animal.


Note: I have just noticed it. Have a look at the first picture. There are two dogs, actually. Above right. A little puppy that is looking down the pond with curiosity. And cuteness.


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