Unknown Relics in the Hill


Relics at the mysterious temple in Tista village. Some sculptures with Karang Boma motif and dragon-like. Karang Boma with its sharp teeth and two hands is usually put in an entrance of temple, palace or other great places. Boma is believed to be the guardian who protect the place from negative or bad influence.


Almost forgotten and abandoned in the green hill, the relics and its temple that are part of Tista history are began to be conserved by the villagers. The relics show us how the art of the Balinese sculpture doesn’t much change from the ancient time.

Post to meet the Weekly Photo Challenge: Relic

10 thoughts on “Unknown Relics in the Hill

    • Iya, mas Chris. Info yang saya dapat tentang ‘peninggalan’ ini juga terbatas sekali. Semakin misterius jadinya :). Thank you for the visit and kind comment, mas Chris.


  1. Enriching information on the Karang Boma and his role in guarding the temple. I admire your spirit to explore and discover such hidden relics. Thank you Indah and cheers πŸ™‚


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