My Relationship with Terompong

Terompong was not really my choice to engage a relationship with. From the very first beginning I saw, it had intimidated me successfully. A more or less 2,5 m gold sculpture wood frame for the place of ten bronze knobs, it has to be played by one person with two panggul terompong (paddle or stick-like). It is usually placed at the front row of the whole gamelan (Balinese traditional orchestra). However, as I had no other choice of instruments, I just faced my ‘fate’ with this melodic instrument. You could read how my relationship began here.


Face to face with the music teacher. Learning by imitating his movement. Note: that chessboard was nothing to do with this process.

We (the women gamelan players) have performed our gamelan once, in the night of Galungan day. I was nervous, could not sleep even 4 days before. It was not just the fact that it would be my first being a gamelan player but also because the whole gamelan music would be started by me. What if was my primary worries that days. What if I started wrongly? What if I finished it wrongly? What if I forgot the whole melody because of this nervous feeling? What if?

If I hit the knobs wrongly in the beginning (the community hall must be silent at that starting point), the false sound would be heard clearly. That-makes-me-nervous.


But, I was OK. Our performance was OK. For almost none of us were professional gamelan players (only one who was a graduate of a music college), people appreciated our gamelan. Probably, much more to our (very) hard effort to play two simple gamelan music: Sekar Gadung and short Panyembrahma (a welcome dance) in just 2 months.

I still play Terompong at home, practice my new art skill, understanding it. Striking its ten different knobs, listening by my ears and heart. And love every second of it.

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10 thoughts on “My Relationship with Terompong

  1. Everything in the picture looks so exquisite I can imagine how sweet the music must’ve been. Reminded of a quote by Lao Tzu ~ “Music in the soul can be heard by the universe”. 🙂
    Thank you Indah.


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