A Split-Second of the Old Days


A view caught at side yard of a house in Tista village, Abang district, Karangasem regency. Tista is 3,5 hours drive to the east from Denpasar city.

Black bottomed wok that was resulted by cooking with fire wood, a traditional way that is still done in many villages in Bali. When the 3 kg of LPG gas on the ground is a hint that the modern days are coming.

The day I took this photo, cooking method was still in between, but someday it will change completely.

A split-second story of the old days and modernity.

7 thoughts on “A Split-Second of the Old Days

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  2. Nice pic Ida!
    Modern times bring faster and better solutions, but I sometimes miss the old fashion ways really, as nothing can be compared to a proper paella cooked on a bonfire in the middle of the mountains!


    • Thank you, Paco. I know. Even a cup of tea, will taste wonderful when used fire wood to boil the water. No need to say, paella with those beautiful mountainous view!


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