Bali and Thai Culture with a Twist


A tree near a small temple in Tista village, Abang district, Karangasem regency, Bali. A few days ago.

Meanwhile this…


A picture shot at the temple of Wat Pho, Thailand. Last year. A tree with a little golden buddha statue.

Those are pictures with a glimpse of Balinese and Thailand culture. Both trees trunks are covered with clothes. In Bali, some trees (especially when it grows near a temple) are considered as sacred ones and it is also a symbol of appreciation to Mother Nature. The cultural behavior seems to be done in Thailand, too. Thailand with its brilliant yellow and green colour. Bali chooses black and white.

Same culture. With a twist of colour.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Twist


4 thoughts on “Bali and Thai Culture with a Twist

  1. Trees which are old in age have a dignity of their own. Wonder if there is any significance of the check patterned cloth around its trunk as also the sunshade? The golden Buddha statue blends well with the surroundings.
    Many thanks Indah.


    • Checkered pattern of black and white is symbol of rwa bhineda, good and evil in this world. Anyway ‘trunk’ is the right word. I have tried to find this word in my head before I wrote ‘tree’…that I could not remember. I will change it, now. Thanks for the visit, Dilip.


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