Learning My Culture


Example of sampiyan as part of Balinese culture

Everyone can be my teacher. Also everything. To teach me, someone doesn’t necessarily have to be around, through their amazing books or websites (blogs, too, of course) I learnt many valuable things in life.

Culture is one of valuable thing in life. In Bali, culture is impossible to be separated from our religious life that is loaded with making offerings.


Balinese offerings and a lot of sampiyan

Making offering is quite something new to me, I never cared enough to learn how to do it when I was single, I was too busy to study and got my degree (I know, I am making cheap excuses). After got married, I have to learn (we can buy offerings, but, the satisfactory feeling would be different). As the very basic thing to make offering is to know how making the sampiyan (made from young coconut leaves). I have to get the ‘secret’ of making this ‘skillfull needed’ pieces as much as it is possible, from books, other family members, asked some patterns made of lontar or palm leaves (borassus flabeliffer), and trashes.

Trashes? Yes. When an offering material like sampiyan (made from young coconut leaves) had been presented or had been used in a traditional ceremony, I would take its trash, studied how to make it, took some notes of description and photos. Photos are important. Visuals are exactly great teacher for me when it involves beauty.


The used offering materials or trash I had taken


Another used offering material


My palm leaves patterns collection.

My palm leaves patterns collection. The basic material of learning to make sampiyan as the beginning part of making offerings. When I already knew how to make the basic shape of sampiyan, decorating it is up to my artistic side.

If you want to know how I am trying to learn another side of my culture, (traditional music) it will be my pleasure to host you in this post (with an updated of Terompong instrument photo)!

Weekly Writing Challenge: Student, Teacher

11 thoughts on “Learning My Culture

  1. Wow, every time I saw the Balinese offerings I always think it must be quite a lot of work to make them. Now I wonder if there is such workshop for non Balinese to learn how to do it. It maybe interesting for some tourists..


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  5. Thank you for stopping by and liking our post 🙂
    I’m always happy to meet a fellow blogger here who share the same love of Indonesia. And, I love Bali. Balinese are kind and also interesting people. I have few Balinese friends from uni and they’re kind and helpful 🙂

    Oom swastiastu.
    Berkah dalem from a fellow Indonesian from Java 😀


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