Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Flowers

These flowers grow in my garden. All of them. When chilli and papaya are UN-intentionally grown. Not these beauties. We do intentionally grow it. Well, my husband does. I? I’ve assigned myself to put them in my blog to meet Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Flowers. Some of these flowers are the flower mascots of some regencies and city in Bali. However, from the 8 regencies and 1 city (Denpasar), not all of the region has already picked their flower mascots.


Jempiring (Balinese) or Kaca Piring (Indonesian) or Gardenia (English) is the mascot flower of Denpasar city. It has wonderful fragrance and colour that reminds you of purity.


Jepun (Balinese) or Kamboja (Indonesian) or Frangipani (English) is the mascot flower of Badung regency. It comes in many kind of variety and colours. Grows pretty easily in Bali soil and climate.


Pucuk (Balinese) or Kembang Sepatu (Indonesian, its translation is Shoe Flower) or Hibiscus (English). The flower mascot of Gianyar regency. What is the resemblance of this flower and a shoe? I-do-not-know. I just accept it without questioning, hopefully you, too :).


Mawa (Balinese) or Mawar (Indonesian) or Rose (English).


Tunjung (Balinese) or Teratai (Indonesian) or (water lily). Karangasem regency has created a dance inspired by this flower that the dance title is Sekar Tunjung (Sekar: flowers) and Tunjung (Water Lily). But, I don’t think they have claimed this flower as their flower mascot of regency.


Soka (Balinese) or Asoka (Indonesian) or Flame of Wood (English).


Another Water Lily. See a little bee inside the flower?


Orchid. Frankly speaking, I have no idea what variety it is, probably you could tell me….


Orchid. Still, have no idea, except its exotic distinguished beauty. That made me choose it as my header. Behind this flower is the traditional barn of Bali (jineng), of course in this modern days, with no paddy supply. Only place to spend our nice afternoon.


White roses.


This is my Champaka tree that just learnt how to produce flower. That little yellow and fragrant flower is its first masterpiece. Champaka is the mascot flower of Klungkung regency.

I hope, you enjoy the beauties in my garden that always make me happy to see. Do you see any same flowers in your place? What do you call them in your language? Or if you live in a different climate with mine, I am sure you have different beauties. Tell me about them.


17 thoughts on “Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Flowers

  1. Exquisite photographs Indah! The detail and colours of the petals are awesome. I struggle to grow lavendar in our soil! These blossoms are beauties. I enjoyed your post.


    • Thank you, Lita! I love Lavender fragrance. However, it’s a bit expensive in Bali as they have to import that. Hope your Lavender will grow and share fragrance as much as your brilliant writings, Lita.


    • Thank you Indah for your gracious words. I am a big fan of Lavender too, thankfully it’s inexpensive here! Jasmine of course… now that ‘s a different story!

      Your blog is exquisite. Balinese culture is beautiful and it is such a treat to journey there through your graceful posts.


  2. What a beautiful array of flowers and so interesting to know that they are mascots to some regencies. For us the Frangipani is called Champa! We have red champa too.
    Thanks for this lovely post!


    • I think. Bali and India are much alike, Dilip. Frangipani can be found alot, here and its dried flowers priced not bad, around $ 6 to $ 10. For 1 kilo. But, of course, imagine time consummed in collecting 1 kilo of dried frangipani! Thanks for your visit!


  3. Nice flowers indeed! Although I’ve been to Bali a couple times, I didn’t know roses are growing there, too. I assiociate roses more with cooler countries (I’m from Germany…). Where in Bali is your garden – perhaps high up in the mountains?
    I just published about a tree that in my opinion has the nicest flower of all. Please have a look at
    Do you see this tree and its beautiful flowers in Bali, too?

    Liked by 1 person

    • It’s in Denpasar city, the capital of Bali province. Roses can grow in Denpasar city, although it will be bigger or better in a cooler climate like Bedugul, Kintamani, Sidemen (hilly and mountain areas) in Bali. Thanks for stopping by.


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