I Love It Hot


Do I love hot and spicy food? For a Balinese, who lives in Bali, a tropical island where its food always enriched with spices and chillies. My answer is so predictable: Yes. I do love them. Not just eating, but I spare some time make them, too. As the above photo shown, fried squid in red hot sauce. It is red because I put some grounded chilli (the big one, tasted less hot, for my preference) and to make it even more fun, I tossed some whole red eye bird chillies. That way, my daughters could still enjoy the squid and whoever wanted a challenge while eating it, just have to crush the chilli into the sauce. Now. That’s hot.


This is my unintentionally-planted-but-it-is-growing-anyway bird eye chilli variety in my front garden, under the mango tree. It looks red, hot and….sexy, don’t you think? Promise you a nice, shocking affair if you had a nerve to know it closer ;).

Daily Prompt: Ring of Fire


6 thoughts on “I Love It Hot

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