Easy Expectation

I don’t expect much. At least my expectation standard is still in human reach. In consideration that I am still a human…

Every morning, when my husband and daughters still curling up under the blankets. I expect to have a cup of white coffee, made from an ordinary brand (n*****e) poured with hot water from the automatic water dispenser. 15 minutes. Only me and my coffee. A very low degree of morning time expectation, but can ignite my energy for the rest of the day.

I don’t expect much to make myself happy. Give me good books or movies, then it can easily amuse me. Buy me a bowl of bakso iga (meatballs soup and pork ribs), I will thank you cheerfully. But, some things should meet my criteria of ‘high’ expectation. I hate poor connection of wifi, internet connection must be smooth and fast for me. I prefer original movie than pirated one because the later presents worse quality of pictures. I don’t like overcooked edamame, it should be cooked at precise 3 minutes after the water boil. Not much or less.

My low expectation comes to other thing apparently, as it happened last weekend. After I had done my daily offering, I saw a bird was hopping on the paved path.


Hi, Mr. Birdy!

 Seemed like it was a male. I did expect he would fly right away. He didn’t. He kept hoping in a very comfortable way. Then, he flew to the mango tree. I thought, he had gone. Bye birdy. But he was not.


The view is so catchy up here, said Mr. Birdy.

Hidden Mr. Birdy in the fern

Hidden Mr. Birdy in the fern

He came back and perched on the fern. I rushed inside the house to get my pocket camera with low expectation, the bird would still there on the fern by the time I got camera with me. He was. I caught some pictures.


Can you see me?


Now, I can see you!

I was so close to the birds. He wasn’t afraid of me at all. He looked at me casually as if we had met before. A friend’s party, may be?

The bird didn’t expect me to cause him any harm. As I didn’t expect him to enjoy much of his time in our garden.

Weekly Writing Challenge: Great Expectation


14 thoughts on “Easy Expectation

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  3. How interesting to read your morning routine which make me feel you are cool and contented 🙂
    Oh but your shots on the bird are superb and how he enjoyed his visit. I think the bird belongs to the falcon family except that his eyes are not red.
    Thanks Indah for this lovely post! Best wishes always. 🙂


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