Comparison (100 words)

First post of my new category: A hundred. My writing of any inspiration into an exact number of 100 of words. Hope you will like this new feature of my blog! The writing below is 100 words, introductory is not counted.

Saturday afternoon. My mother and I were sitting in the kitchen with a cup of tea. Green. Jasmine infused. Some rock sugar. Sweet but not too sweet. It was just perfect.

Your sister’s husband, he bought her a diamond ring. She showed me yesterday. You know. Kind of big and expensive, my mother said.

10 seconds of silence.

But, your husband is also a nice guy. He sometimes bought you stuff, too. Don’t think too much about what I have said, my mother added. In apologetic tone.

That is puzzling.

didn’t think anything about that. At all.

4 thoughts on “Comparison (100 words)

  1. Iya. Kadang, itu terjadi. Tapi, saya sih tidak terlalu memikirkan. Makasih, ya, Ndah. Mau mampir dan memberi komentar ke kategori baru ini. Saya mau mencoba dulu, soalnya blog kan masih bayi. Masih mencari-cari ‘identitas’.


  2. You have captured the delicate sentiments beautifully. Especially the last line “I didn’t think anything about that. At all”.

    Pleasure reading! Thank you Indah.


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