In Two Cuisine

If the gene asked me, obviously I would say I wanted to be famous as a writer.

Or…a chef.

IMG_2754Who made popular fusion food such as duo pizza that was layered with two toppings. Half Italian (as usual) and half Balinese (a bit not usual).

IMG_2739IMG_2740Who lightened the dense spiced taste of Balinese cook to be accepted globally by omitting the root of lesser galangal (Indonesian: kencur) and used only candle nut, chili, garlic, and turmeric, the more commonly found. Used everything left in the fridge, probably a couple of shrimps and mushrooms. Then turned it into cuisine.

A famous chef who didn’t need to publish any recipes, because she was too reckless to measure ingredients and wrote them down.

Unfortunately, it was not the gene asked me. Daily Prompt does.

It is a respond to daily prompt: When Will I Be Loved?


2 thoughts on “In Two Cuisine

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