Me and the Money Saver


Celengan (Balinese piggy bank, made from terracotta)

Every time we, wives of the griya (compound house) get together for a traditional ceremony preparation, all the common talk will be: how much did you spend for this or that? This is about the transaction we did in the traditional market. Buying item with price tag is less fascinating. It is all about the bargaining skill you have.

A money saver is better than a reckless one. Me, I am belonged to the later. Always. When someone asked, how much I paid for a 100 young coconut leaves, I replied: IDR. 170.000. Wow, that’s expensive! I got it only IDR. 165.000, a voice heard, triumphantly. Or when I said, I bought a kilo of mangosteen IDR 10.000, another expert announced: it’s only IDR 8000. Recently, when I told them I spent the old chicken for soup IDR 45.000, a lady declared: I got it for IDR 40.000.

Somebody always have the success to beat me in transactional skill.

That’s an intimidating session. I have to say (for my self-defense) that saving money around IDR 2000 or so in the traditional market, needs a looot of time and energy. Going to a traditional market means you have already understood the common price of an item you want to buy. So, when you think a price is more expensive than the common one, you can ask for a bargain. If the seller thinks she/ he gets profit, you will get your price. But, if it is not your lucky day, you can move to another sellers to get a better bargain. That’s only for one item, not to mention the other seven groceries. You will absolutely need hours in the market meanwhile your life keeps going on somewhere else.

It seems that all of the money savers have the incredible passion, patience, persistence, and a diamond-hard goal of doing such thing. Applying a psychological war with the sellers, being very brave in defending their life principle. I will never let you rob me, seller!

I always thought, those women are as tough as Xena the Warrior Princess in the transactional market battle.

As I’m a no-warrior, it wakes my green-eyed monster inside.

Next time, whenever they ask me how much I spent for item A, B, or C. I will simply say: It must be more expensive than yours.

Note: the current exchange of $ 1 = IDR 11.400 (I know…it’s a lot)

(Respond to Daily Prompt: Green-Eyed Lady)


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