Contemplation (a tribute to Nyepi Day)



We have celebrated our New Year (Nyepi day) that was started by Pengerupukan day last week…in silence…by doing contemplation. I also (not really) because, I have done it every night before I get to sleep, reminding myself what has happened that day: I ate two packs of fried peanut and not doing my treadmill, I should have continued my resolution of being a vegetarian (that stopped after 3 months, purely because of less-resistance to…meat), how many times I’ve gone to bed without putting on night cream (on my face, not the bed). Some shallow re-thinking before I fall asleep.

However, celebrating a New Year by not going anywhere has given some time to our island to take a rest and breath. Let’s begin the contemplation of it (every time saying it, I feel sharp-witted). Nyepi is originated from the word of sepi = silent. The Balinese have their New Year in silence, began at 6 o’clock in the morning and ended in the morning after, at the same time. 24 hours. No-normal-daily-activity. Minimal electricity is allowed or even not at all, no going outside which means no vehicles and (even) planes. Yes. I was not joking. Even our international airport of Ngurah Rai is closed for 24 hours. Hospitals, police departments and other crucial sectors still operate as usual, without going outside. The (unlucky) workers of those must spend their day in the office up to the next day. If you concerned by this situation, don’t worry, the workers got more paying for this. Believe me. I already asked my friend whose husband working in a hotel in Nusa Dua area.

The other interesting fact is that during Nyepi day in Bali, it is estimated that the amount of CO2 emission is reduced by about 30.000 tons. Based to the number of vehicles in Bali and their average fuel usage. I have no idea how much is 30.000 tons of CO2 emission. But, it must be good.

Just imagine, in the morning you woke up and felt the distinction, no noisy sound, just the chirp of small birds on the mango trees (if your neighbor had a rooster, surely you would hear it, too). When you breathed, you inhaled fresh air, daylight felt soften and nice to your skin, and the weather was not as hot as usual (Denpasar’s temp is 39°C, these days).

It is only once in a 365 days. One day of tranquility and clean air in our small tropical island.

….I just want to say I love Nyepi.


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