Math, what would I do without you?

A lot of other fun things.

Out of all subjects I ever learnt at school, math has never failed to intimidate me. As far as I remember, I never got good mark on my test for math. It is just…the more I deal with numbers, the more I want to tear up the paper in desperation. As for stomach, my brain has a difficulty in digesting certain subsistence. Math. It has a lot of rules, formulas, mixed up with all that mumbo-jumbo numbers. To be able to conquer this subject, it requires either a rigorous person or…a very rigorous person, none of it is my character.


I won’t deny that some aspects of math (no matter how tricky I hide myself) still creeps unavoidably in my life. For an example (I’m talking about math, right? I have to do it in details, my friends), a transaction in the traditional market (a place that doesn’t have a cashier machine with computing system and where everything is done manually). The seller does calculation by head and pronounces every number in front of the customer, it will go, like: 35.250 rupiahs plus 15.750 plus 3.550 plus….
I have no other choice than forcing myself (read: brain) to think, otherwise I would pay some more rupiahs than I should (probably, it had already happened…).
Another time, I cling myself on a portable and modern technology product, called…calculator…that’s why they invented it, I guess. Making someone’s life more enjoyable (especially, someone like me).

It is my luck when applying for the job, they didn’t ask my competence in numbers as well as their ignorance to my mark for math. Really. Honestly. It was 5, equals to D? A God’s secret with that embarrassing result, I can make life and got paid regularly for my other skill…less dealing with numbers.

Math. I am not just that into you.

(Respond to Daily Prompt: Land of Confusion)


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