As Green and Beautiful as Everyday


In the end of the day, I usually just went home straightway. Drove and passed whatever view outside my car. The picture of me, sipping a cup of green tea in our cozy couch, would have already hovered over my head, even before I opened the car’s door (that still parked at my office’s). This afternoon, when I got out the building, it’s already around 6 pm and the rain just stopped falling. Rain really did magic to the view. It made green, greener and beautified things. The fountain and statues in the central location of the garden, known (for the guests) as the office’s masterpiece became even magnificent surrounded by the greenery, beneath the greyish sky of Denpasar city. I have passed it for years and never once I stopped and took sometime to admire it. I did this afternoon.


Even, when I caught the picture using iPad, it looked different, as if it was not the usual view of my office’s garden and parking lot surround. But, they really are. As green and beautiful as everyday.

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