Electro…(err…what?) Papaya

The term of ‘organic’ isn’t yet grasped well by most of the Balinese. That’s why some people still jumble its use with another ‘-ic’ word which can lead to a very different meaning. This was a daily bargain I overheard between a fruit seller and some women in the wet market, one morning in my weekend.

Buyer 1: “IDR 10.000? It’s so expensive for this weight.”
Fruit Seller: “It’s expensive because it’s a special type of papaya.”
Buyer 2: “What type is it?”
Fruit Seller: ” Electronic type, ” she said a bit sheepishly.

Nobody seemed to be tickled by the answer, they just left after some thought that the ‘electronic’ papaya too much for them, double-costed to the average type. As the papaya looked lustrous, I decided to buy it (the fruit seller kindly gave me IDR 1000 cheaper). It would be nice to cut into chunk and served with granulated sugar and some drops of squeezed lemon juice.


In our front yard there is a papaya plant that grows unintentionally. Of course someday…we will consummate its product intentionally. But, we never planted it. That’s what I meant. Suddenly, out of nowhere, it’s already there (I know, I exaggerate it a bit-to give a dramatic effect here), probably a bird has brought the seed from near neighborhood.

Our papaya is planning to donate us its six beautiful babes and they are not ripe enough to be enjoyed as fresh dessert. The plant is Eco-friendly and and also lazy-friendly. We don’t have to put any pesticide, commercial fertilizer or other chemical components. The Balinese soil (at least in my front yard) is quite generous to let the people like me live easily without thinking too much of gardening.

Yes. It is an electronic organic plant with nice and big fruits. Good for your health with no worries of being electrocuted accidentally when you put the slice into your mouth.


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